(only available for High School Tutoring)

Student Tutors

Need an effective tutor who can really connect with your high school child?

Our student tutors have been specially selected for their skill and knowledge in specific subject areas. They may be perfect for your high school child and could be a more affordable alternative for some families.

Student tutors are not only intelligent in the subjects they teach but are young, knowledgeable and friendly. Having been through the HSC and going through University themselves, our student tutors are highly organised, and trained to manage time effectively. They have recently been through the stress, workload and high expectations associated with High School, making them excellent mentors for students in high school.

Qualified Professional Teachers

  • Qualified and experienced teachers in their subject matter
  • Currently working within the education industry
  • Trained and familiar with the latest teaching strategies and learning programs
All our SL educators are qualified and experienced teachers. They possess an intimate knowledge of the Australian curriculum and are well equipped to implement the most effective learning program for each of their students.

Our dedicated teachers are genuinely passionate about helping children reach their learning potential. They possess an ability to positively connect with children and have an ability to cater for children’s individual learning styles and abilities.

Our SL teachers have attained high ATAR marks so are proficient in Maths and English, making them better equipped to teach effectively, particularly in the OC, selective high school, and HSC test preparation programs.