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If you’re searching for the best private tutors in Sydney, then Successful Learners Tutoring is the answer. Our Sydney tutors are experienced, knowledgeable and get great results for our students.

We cater for students who prefer working one on one with a tutor as well as in groups. Our private tutoring sessions are available for Kindergarten to Year 6 Primary and High School students.

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Whether your child needs school readiness support prior to starting Kindergarten, help grasping and consolidating literacy and numeracy concepts in primary school or requires extra help tackling challenges in their high school years, Successful Learners Tutoring Sydney can successfully help students in achieving their personal academic goals. Our Sydney tutoring service supports students to achieve their personal best.

We also understand how critical it is for students to be prepared for important academic tests. Our intensive programs will teach and support children in the lead up to Opportunity Class and Selective High School Placement Tests, Scholarships and the HSC and IB exams.


Our classes are carefully crafted to meet the developing needs of every child. Our educators and support staff are highly professional and trained in education, having worked with students from preschool through to high school.

Successful Learners Tutoring Sydney offers group and private tutoring in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for children from age 4 – 18. Individual tutoring can be especially beneficial in later, high school years such as for the HSC or IB preparation.

We also provide individual help for students undertaking final exams and want to work with a professional HSC and International Baccalaureate (IB) tutor.

Get in touch to discuss your child’s individual needs.



At Successful Learners Tutoring we have a range of small group learning programs aimed to boost your child’s confidence and performance at school.


Teachers will provide weekly lesson notes and send pictures of their child engaged in their learning.


Teachers work collaboratively with the programming team in order to tailor and personalise lessons.


All of our qualified primary teachers have gained high ATARS and most have completed their Bachelor of Education or Teaching Degree.


Our Sydney tutoring centre has been specifically designed and built for comfort and productivity, it is the perfect set up for effective individual and small group learning experiences


Conveniently located in Kensington in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we aim to provide quality, tailored educational tutoring programs for students in preschool, primary and secondary school. School readiness, primary and high school tutoring programs that suit each individual student’s needs and unique learning style.

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Jennie Cruz
Jennie Cruz
Amazing team, my son has had support from SLT and since has improved so much in literacy and numeracy. George and Sara have so much patience, I cannot thank them enough. Highly recommend SLT.
Gina McClement
Gina McClement
Successful Learners have been fantastic for our primary school son and English. They provided me with an appropriate tutor, who uses the hour well, provides homework and weekly feedback to me. My experience of my sons tutor is she is genuinely interested in his English learning and progression. Communication with Successful learners is easy, emails, phone calls, texts are answered timely. I can recommend them for tutoring
H Anderson
H Anderson
Quickly organised a tutor to meet our needs. The tutors are excellent; everyone is friendly and helpful. They provided ongoing communication about our child's progress and the upcoming schedule. I would highly recommend Successful Learners Tutoring.
Michael Orman
Michael Orman
My daughter had an excellent experience at Successful Learners. Sara was able to line her up with tutors who not only understood their topic area but also connected effectively with her to help make the learning experience rewarding. Over 2 years we saw the improvements as she moved from a remedial maths group to the accelerated group. This was a huge boost to her confidence as she made the transition to high school. Thank you for all of the help.
Kelly Kalimanis
Kelly Kalimanis
As a mature aged student studying Biomechanics at uni this semester I needed some tutoring to brush up on my numeracy. My tutor George was really lovely and patient and explained the mathematical concepts in a way that made sense. And Sara at Administration is truly lovely as well, and accommodated extra sessions. I highly recommend Successful Learners Tutoring, and will be continuing to use their services whilst studying.
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch
Successful Learners Tutoring has given my child the opportunity to really consolidate his understanding of the concepts that are critical to his school curriculum. It has increased his confidence and motivation with homework. SLT has transitioned to online tutorials very effectively during the COVID-19 shutdown so as to continue its support of students. It has really helped with maintaining focus and structure around learning at this time.
My son has had an amazing experience this term at Successful Learners. He has really looked forward to the sessions with his tutor and has benefitted greatly from working with her.
Andy Y
Andy Y
My son has been to Successful Learners Tutoring for only two terms but I can see he has gained lot of confidence in speaking in class and self-esteem. SLT has an excellent teaching system and my son loves to be there learning. Keep up the good work SLT!


Ages (4 – 5)

Let a qualified and experienced Kindergarten teacher give your child the best start and opportunity for future success! Try our school readiness tutoring program.

Let’s Go


Grades (K – 6)

We offer innovative small group learning programs and private Sydney tutoring to suite primary aged children’s individual learning needs.

  • English Tutoring Program
  • Maths Tutoring Program
  • OC/Selective High Tutors
  • Private Tutoring


Invest in your child’s future at an affordable price with one of our Sydney Tutors.

Please contact us to discuss the price and structure of programs.


School Readiness Tutors for Maths and Numeracy.

Our school readiness tutoring program for pre school students is perfect for ensuring your child is ready for “big school” and won’t be left behind or feel confused when they start kindergarten.

With so many children of many different abilities and backgrounds, kindergarten teachers, while doing their absolute best, just don’t have the time a tutor has to work one on one with students. Our tutors have the time and experience to help your child feel confident when they start school.

Being prepared to start school means your child will be more confident, find it easier to make friends and won’t feel embarrassed at not being at the same level as their peers.

Your child might be gifted and already counting to 100 and you’re worried they might lose their love of numbers and maths if they are not challenged. Our school readiness tutoring program ensures each child’s unique abilities are nurtured by our experienced tutors.

Once they reach primary school, they will be among a fairly large group of children with many different abilities and learning needs. While teachers do their best to accommodate individual students, it is challenging to give each child the one on one attention they so often need. That is where our Sydney tutoring centre can be so helpful.

Our tutors have the time and experience that students need.

Sydney Primary School Maths Tutoring

Primary school tutors can help students stay on top of the curriculum. The tutors at Sucessful Learners Tutoring ensure no student will “fall through the cracks”.

Our primary school maths tutoring students feel confident and actually enjoy maths.

A tutor gives individual attention that is focused entirely on your child. Whether they are in a group or private session, the tutor will work with them at their own pace.

If they are a bit behind in a subject area, a tutor can help them catch up. Or they may be ahead and starting to find maths boring where they had always enjoyed the challenge before.

Our tutors make sure students feel challenged and get that spark of enjoyment out of finishing a difficult maths problem. The look of achievement when something appears confusing at first but then becomes clear, is a real pleasure for our tutors.

Moving on to high school (and yes, it happens so quickly), students who may have found maths easy in primary school sometimes find it is a struggle to keep up with high school maths. Many students get frustrated and start to think they “don’t like” or “aren’t good” at maths any more. Out tutors help them to find the enjoyment of maths again.

Maths is one of the core subjects at school and many degrees and trades require some element of mathematics and numeracy. Our maths tutors work with students from age 4 – 18 (year 12) with all abilities and skills.

Our tutors help students with literacy and general to advanced English.

English is the one subject that is compulsory for the HSC. The subject is considered that important.

When you think about it, not having a good command of English, reading and writing, spelling and grammar, would be a real stumbling block to getting jobs, studying and even socialising.

A student doesn’t have to be a Shakespeare or English protege but they do need to be able to write comfortably, understand how to structure an essay or assignment and use correct spelling and grammar.

From preschool (school readiness) age where children are starting to recognise letters and put together words and sounds, to being able to read in primary school, English can be a real pleasure if taught in the right way.

English tutors help your child discover the joys of reading and wordplay. Our school readiness programs teach basic literacy, reading and spelling.

Primary school tutoring focuses on spelling, reading and writing. While each student has a different learning style, we make sure every tutoring session is fun as well as challenging.

We provide a safe, bully free space where all questions are encouraged.

Curiousity and inquisitiveness is rewarded and encouraged at Successful Learners Tutoring.

Our HSC English (Higher School Certificate) and IB (International Baccalaureate) English tutorials are designed to help students prepare for their end of school exams.

We go through practice exams, help with assignments and essay writing as well as developing a solid and structured study timetable.

Since we’re located in the Eastern Suburbs, we have students from all over the East, to Sydney CBD and the Inner West, West and South.

Our Sydney tutoring centre is easy to get to by public transport from all over Sydney. We have students coming from across the Sydney region.

Read some of our testimonials to see just how well our students do (and how much they enjoy SL Tutoring).

Engaging a tutor for your child can be a big decision. There are so many competing activities to choose from that the option of tutoring may be forgotten.

By taking advantage of an experienced tutor, your time can be freed up to enjoy more family time without the stress of homework hanging over everyone.

A tutor will help students manage their timetable and study program while ensuring the student has ample time for sports, music, drama and the myriad of other extra curricular activities.

Find out more about the benefits of tutoring for high school students.

Our Sydney tutoring centre at 3/76 Anzac Pde Kensington, 2033, offers students a safe and quiet place to study and learn.

By coming into the centre, a student won’t have so many distractions and will be among other students who are there to learn and succeed at school.

There is no competition at our centre, it is all about helping students achieve their individual best.

One of the more challenging aspects of study is creating and maintaining a consistent study timetable.

Successful Learners Tutoring helps all our students to develop a study timetable that works for each individual. We take into account every child’s interests, activities and subjects.

Our individual programs are developed with the student’s needs in mind. Regardless of whether they are in a group or private session, our tutors help students to study at a pace that suits their learning needs and style.

We sometimes hear from parents that homework can be a stressful time in their household with children resistent to sitting down and getting started with their assignments.

Some parents worry about their child leaving everything until the last minute before making a start on exam preparation or getting to their projects the night before they are due. This can put a lot of strain on relationships between parent and child.

An experienced tutor can help this situation by supporting the student to stay on track, up to date and keep to a consistent study routine.

Students often realise, fairly quickly, how much easier it is when they have a reliable and regular study plan. Many of our students notice how it gives them time back to do all the things they love. Once they realise this, it becomes easier to stay on top of it all.

We help students prepare for Sydney selective high school exams. Our tutors also help keep students on top of the work load and their selective stream.

Gaining access to a selective place in a high school is a great achievement. It does require consistent and structured study and preparation to ensure the student can keep their grades at the level required.

Selective high schools expect and challenge students more than the mainstream. If your child had to work hard to gain their place in a selective high school, then they are likely to do well with a tutor that is experienced at helping selective students.

Opportunity Class Tutoring Sydney

Successful Learners Tutoring also works with students preparing for their OC exams.

Some students do well at school and in assessments but may struggle in exams. We help prepare OC students for these exams so they feel the least pressure and stress possible.

Our primary school opportunity class and selective high school tutoring helps students achieve their personal best.

Are you looking for an effective online tutoring service with a safe and reputable tutoring company?

We provide online support to students who would like the flexibility and convenience of being tutored at home. We take the stress and pressure away from parents educating their child at home by offering online lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher.

All our tutors have a current WWCC clearance number. Our lessons are delivered through a safe and effective platform so you can be sure that our programs are personal and engaging.

Due to covid-19 we understand the need for families to be vigilant. Some families may prefer a safe and effective online tutoring service over face to face teaching at our centre. With distance learning there are no logistic barriers.

Lesson can be completed anywhere in Sydney, NSW and Australia or even overseas.