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Preschool Tutoring Program (Transition to Kindergarten)

It’s a big jump from preschool to “Big School” and we know how hard it can be for many young students to transition to a more structured learning environment.

Why not let a qualified and experienced Kindergarten teacher give your child the best start and opportunity for future success? Your child will start school with the confidence and ability to learn in a class room environment. We make sure they have fun while they learn. SL Tutoring makes sure they enjoy the experience of learning.

Our school readiness program helps prepare children for ‘big school’ by teaching the basic foundational early learning concepts in numeracy and literacy in a fun and nurturing environment. 

Give your child the gift of starting school with confidence, a sense of wonder and pleasure through learning new topics and skills.

Our pre-school readiness program helps both parent and child be prepared for the year ahead.

Preschool Transition to Primary School Programs

Our specially designed programs for preschool aged children help them to make a smooth transition from pre primary to primary school.


  • Phonics and phonemic awareness
  • Blending sounds together
  • Identifying sounds in words and recognise sight word
  • Read simple, regular words by listening for the sounds
  • Develop fluency and comprehension
  • Develop conventions of writing, punctuation and good written expression
  • Correct letter and number formation
  • Recognise and identify numbers 1-20
  • Counting with 1:1 correspondence
  • Simple addition and subtraction concepts
  • Develop strong fine motor skills and good pencil grip
  • Develop oral language skills and positive social interactions

School Readiness Program (4-5 YEARS)

This fun and stimulating one hour program focuses on the foundational literacy and numeracy skills outlined in the NSW curriculum and syllabuses.