How Tutoring Can Take the Edge off High School


High school can be a hostile environment for many students. Dealing with personal image, the opposite sex, acceptance and the impacts of social media are some of problems adolescents experience and all affect confidence.

Extra-curricular activities like sport and music to build confidence is a strategy parents rely on to help their children. Unfortunately, tutoring is not usually considered in that plan. However, tutoring can build confidence and take the edge off high school by developing reasoning skills that help students make good decisions.

Everything is motivated by the ‘self’ and the expression “it’s not all about you” means that person used their experience as the bench mark and everyone does that. When we don’t enjoy activities, it is because we can’t see ourselves in that endeavour. Having a tutor makes learning all about the student and can really take the edge off high school by building the ‘self’.




Choosing that tutor:

·To be able to teach, coach and support. Simply being good at a subject does not equate to being a great tutor. Parents should consider whether a bright student that tutors has the skills required to address the self-esteem issues a student may be experiencing.

·To tutor must harness the child’s natural skills and develop those skills;

·To include parents. Parents need to know how to support their child without needing to know the subjects. A great tutor will provide examples/topics for parents to discuss with their children -great bonding opportunities – particularly with teenagers;

·To map the child’s progress – so everyone can see the improvement or impediment;

·To cheer lead the child -everyone does better when they are encouraged;

·To build confidence -if school is affecting confidence the child will regain it when they see results;

·To develop reasoning skills that flows into the child’s personal life. Learning to critically analyse means making decisions independent of peers -huge in high school;

· Know the most important -having a tutor that understands adult learners. Students need to see the purpose of their learning -that is respectful for the student. Respect is a very powerful confidence builder.

Building confidence in children is vital for healthy development. Making the tutoring experience fun and relevant to the child’s life ensures they remain motivated and excited about the benefits they will enjoy. Whilst parents may be thinking of the future the present is what it’s all about for the child.

Joan Muscat

Ex University Lecturer

Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Masters of Business

Passionate Educator